Isaac Hiembold is the main character of the Haters side of Year One. He forms the Haters near the beginning of Year One.


Isaac has messy, shoulder-length, black hair and a pale complexion. His eyes are often depicted as black, and are uniquely accompanied with slight eye bags.

His outfits consist of a small selection of pull-over hoodies, in various shades of gray.


Due to his twisted perception of society, he is primarily adamant about social interaction, and thus has a generally cynical outlook on life. Despite this, he shows signs of genuine kindness at times, and isn't nearly as pessimistic as he believes.


Along with Liz Flanagan, Lucy Garcia, Amalya Chandrasekhar, Kat Liang, and Reese Forsythe, he is a member of the self-proclaimed "Haters of Shelgrove High," and subsequently, its "president." He refuses to call them his friends; he'd prefer the term colleagues or acquaintances.

Liz Flanagan

One of Isaac's first "friends," she takes an interest in him after they're paired up for a project. Initially insistent on doing the project alone, her acute analysis of his behaviors caused him to gain a sort of mutual trust in her. Nonetheless, the two complement each other nicely, as his stubborn cynicism clashes with her playful idealism.

Lucy Garcia

Though they're not too fond of each other, Isaac values Lucy as a companion due to her bluntness, as it's one of the few things that can get a laugh out of him. After Isaac aids Lucy in mending her relationship with her parents, she begins to see him as a valuable friend.

Amalya Chandrasekhar

Isaac's relationship with Amalya is rocky at best, as her belief in others negatively clashed with his cynic ideals. However, he doesn't disregard her ability to gain the trust of others, and eventually they develop a mutual respect for each other.

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